Tesla is selling fleet of hundreds of Model 3 electric cars to New York City


The city of New York is currently proposing a contract to buy a fleet of Model 3 vehicles from Tesla.

It would create a fleet of hundreds of electric cars for the city.

The proposed contract has been revealed through a notice for public hearing obtained by Electrek.

The city wrote in the notice:

IN THE MATTER OF a proposed contract between the Department of Citywide Administrative Services of the City of New York and Tesla, Inc., located at 3500 Deer Creek Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94304, for procuring Tesla Model 3 All-Electric Sedans. The contract is in the amount of $12,360,000.00.  The term of the contract shall be five years from date of Notice of Award.  PIN #: 8572200042, E-PIN #: 05622S0005001.”

The proposed contract is going to be discussed at a public hearing on December 16, 2021.

The number of Model 3 vehicles involved in the contract wasn’t disclosed, but if the value of the fleet is around $12,360,000, it should be between 200 and 300 electric vehicles.

It’s not clear what the Tesla vehicles are going to be used for by the city, but New York operates a large fleet of vehicles throughout many departments.

Earlier this year, we reported on the New York Police Department buying a Tesla Model 3 to turn it into a police patrol car.

It became the latest of many police departments across the US that decided to buy Model 3s to replace gas-powered patrol cars. The gas savings have proven to make a massive difference in their fleet costs.

This new proposed contract to buy a fleet of Tesla vehicles comes after Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a $75 million investment in electric vehicles just a few months ago.

The new announcement included several specific promises:

  • 300 electric vehicles to replace fossil fuel-powered models
  • 275 fast vehicle chargers
  • 20 portable vehicle chargers
  • 11 new solar charging carports
  • Three electric buses to replace diesel models
  • 78 electric ambulances
  • The city will retrofit 125 existing diesel-powered trucks to be electric-powered

It looks like the Tesla Model 3 fleet would help cover the first promise to replace 300 fossil fuel-powered vehicles with electric cars.

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